Monday, January 18, 2010

Fire Drill . . .

Zoe and I went to the store on Saturday looking for "blog fodder" -- I figured that with two classes and a make it/take it going on, there would be more than enough for a good story. I underestimated -- there was enough for two or three good stories. And the best one was one I completely missed. I could explain, but my version would be secondhand. So I yield the floor to Debbie Daniels, who e-mailed the story and pictures Saturday afternoon, and Sharon Lindquist-Skelley, who also took pictures.

"Today I was at Marco's taking the Moments from the Journey class taught by the very talented Donna Weibel. I just love her classes and have never been disappointed. Today not only was I not disappointed, but there was an added attraction. While we were making our project, there was a strange odor that smelled like something was on fire. The odor kept getting stronger . . ."

"Karen very calmly took charge of the situation, called the fire department, evacuated the building, and made sure the situation was under control and that everyone was safe. Thanks Karen! Evidently one of the tenants next door burned popcorn in their microwave, which filled their back room with smoke. They opened the doors and the odor was traveling into Marco's."

"Not wanting to miss a terrific scrapbooking moment, several of us took pictures using cameras and cell phones."

Thanks to both Debbie and Sharon for the pictures. Once the firemen and sheriff's deputies checked the store thoroughly, they let everyone back in and life quickly returned to normal.

I assume that Sharon Lindquist-Skelley and Donna Sheetz were begging for handcuffs they could use as scrapbooking tools . . .

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