Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Bright Future for the Tim Holtz Crowd

Donna Weibel was holding another of her Tim Holtz classes when I was at the store on Saturday. Donna likes to use the tables back in the prep area -- she has room to spread out and lots of privacy.

She also has plenty of room to move around and give individualized instruction along the way.

A couple of the students asked me if we would be getting the new Tim Holtz products that are coming out. Gary had warned me to be on the lookout for an e-mail from Ranger announcing products they would be unveiling at CHA next week, but I hadn't seen it yet. It didn't come until Monday, so now I have an answer. YES -- we will be getting the new Tim Holtz products, and more! We have already ordered them, but they probably won't get here until sometime in March. I will probably get them on the website soon so we can take preorders and you can be guaranteed to get yours from the first shipment.

Here's what is coming:

12 new colors of Distress Inkpads and Reinkers

Wonder Tape (the same great Suze Weinberg tape in new packaging), and Enamel Accents in Black and White

Perfect Pearls Cafe Kit and Studio Extra Time Slow-Dry Medium

Meanwhile, Donna Sheetz was leading the Saturday Make It & Take It in our classroom area. Zoe has hurt Donna's feelings recently by not paying as much attention to her as Donna would like. But on Saturday, it probably had more to do with a munchkin presence . . .

Linda Virts' grandkids were in the house. Zoe loves kids more than anything, so it's no surprise that she went straight for them. Austin and Cheyenne are with Zoe, while Electra was still making her project, accompanied by her own stuffed canine.

But it only took a couple of minutes before Electra was down on the floor with her siblings . . .

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  1. Tim Holtz has been giving sneek previews on his blog. For those that didn't see his twelve tags of Christmas, you should also take a look at these. Truly an addictive blog as well and converted this non-distress person into adding it to my future wish-list. fyi