Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thank You Note

Yesterday was one of those "WOW!" occasions you get from time to time. Something really good happens, and all you can do is take it all in and say "Wow!"

This is what the "Wow!" was all about -- Pat Hobson treated us to lunch. All by herself. Gary told me Monday that I needed to be at the store at noon Tuesday because Pat was bringing lunch.

So I strolled in yesterday and this was the spread I saw -- and Pat made most of it. I asked her if this was how she spent her winnings from drag racing (if you don't understand why this is funny, you need to go back to a post from the end of last week).

And we dug in -- all of the employees, most of the teachers, and a few of the regulars.

This is the only way I can ever get a picture of Gary -- have to put him close to food . . .

This man has more outfits than anyone I know. For the uninitiated, this is Barry Payne. Last Saturday, he was Barry Claus. A month or two ago, he was Elvis. Rumor has it that by Spring, he may be the Easter Bunny.

Even Zoe got some attention and a nibble or two.

A simple "thanks" seems insufficient -- this was a special act of kindness by a very special friend. And we truly enjoyed it. Merry Christmas, Pat!


  1. wow is right. very cool Pat!

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

  2. That was the sweetest act of kindness I have seen this week! What a treasure you have in Pat! I wish you much success for the coming year-
    Y'all stay warm. It's freezing/mildly sleeting here now, but temps here are still 33 degrees @ the AR-MO state line area here in NW Arkansas at 11:30 PM tonight- I hope your bunch got to Texas OK.