Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pictures Are Better Than a Note From Your Mother . . .

Charlotte Adkins has worked with us for years, first at the mail center and more recently at our retail store. About three weeks ago, she took a day off for a chance to hobnob with a celebrity and finally has evidence to prove it.

Charlotte and her son, Josh, headed for Indianapolis in the predawn hours on November 19. They wanted to meet Sarah Palin, who (if you haven't noticed) is doing a nationwide book tour. So first they stood in line at an Indy bookstore for several hours to get line tickets, and then came back in the evening to stand in line for the actual signing.

Charlotte and Josh are in the background (Josh is in the Kentucky sweatshirt). No cameras were allowed -- all of the pictures were taken by Shealah Craighead, who worked with the McCain/Palin campaign last year, used to be Laura Bush's personal photographer, and is now the official photographer of Kay Bailey Hutchinson's campaign for Governor of Texas.

Finally, it was Charlotte's turn -- and from what I've heard she could barely hide her excitement.

Looks like they got two handshakes for the price of one book . . .

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