Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is a work in progress, so don't be surprised if the layout and a lot of the content changes over the next few days. I have suspected for a long time that we needed to start a blog where we could post information, pictures and such. But it took Cheryl Darrow from Ten Seconds Studio to finally convince me to take the plunge.

When I started building our website eleven years ago, I barely knew how to turn on a computer. I learned a lot and got a lot of good advice along the way, and now I can update it in my sleep. I suspect this will be much the same -- I have only a vague idea how this page will best serve our customers. I think this will be a place to post pictures from conventions, tutorials, a quick sale notice, some of my stream of consciousness thinking, and maybe even a picture of my dog from time to time.

But you'll tell me. You folks are great -- most of the best ideas we've ever had weren't ours at all. They came from our customers.

Someday I'll tell the story of how we entered the world of rubber stamp conventions, mail order, wacky costumes, and more. Again, it wasn't our idea -- two of our customers get all the credit.

I hope you'll come along for the ride.


  1. I am so happy that you have started a blog, I think it is a marvelous idea!

  2. I'm glad you have decided to blog...and I'd love to hear that story about how you got started. Love your store & the nice, helpful friendly people.

    Lady Lois (who I've been told looks like one of your old neighbors...grin)

  3. Just got the mail. I'm not good on the computer so I hope this goes through. It's a little hard for my 74yr old eyes, but I keep pluging along. I think your doing a super job. Just keep it up. I'm a happy camper. Phyllis

  4. Great blog - keep those Make It & Take's It's coming. I am too far to "drop" in at he store, but the blog is really handy! I wasn't supposed to be in Indy at the show & there I was, a picture of me and my friend watching a demo in your booth! What fun!


  5. I think the blog is great and love seeing the techniques, etc. It wasn't hard to sign up once I clicked on comments and it took me to the spot. I had tried a couple of times on the link at the end where it said subscribe and that never seemed to work.