Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Learning to Read . . . Filthy Fingers . . . and Gridiron Marketing

I was invited to a birthday party on my block a couple of weeks ago – my friend Aeridan turned seven.  Birthday wish lists are easy these days – his was posted on Amazon.  Looked through it and found something that appealed to me – a couple of clicks later, it was on its way to me.  Then I wrapped it and took it to the party.


Got this pic a few hours later from Aeridan’s mom – and decided that I needed to get a second copy for another of my favorite seven-year-olds.


Gave it to her during setup for the show in Madison, Wisconsin last weekend.  Alana Lindeman is part of our traveling minstrel family – she and her big sister, Noelle, have been on the road with Steve and Michelle and the Toomuchfun booth since they were born.  Michelle told me later that Alana had been reading aloud the whole weekend.

20171119_100313_resized 20171119_163907_resized

Alana spent her usual time at our demo table during the weekend, but during teardown I noticed that she was reading again, so I snapped a picture over her shoulder when she wasn’t looking.  Later, I took a break and sat down with her while she read me a story from the book and I fought back tears.  They grow up so fast . . .

boothdemo 20171117_204708_resized

The weekend also resulted in a couple of sights rarely seen at a show – me at a demo table during the Friday night event, and the resulting handful of discolored digits.

20171119_142900_resized boothipad

This is much more my style – Brian from Craft Fancy had football on the big screen during the show on Sunday.  He didn’t have an antenna on Saturday, so college games were on the small screen above my cash register.  I told several customers that this was not just a way to keep the vendors occupied – with customers stopping by regularly to check on the score, this was creative marketing . . .

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