Monday, August 28, 2017

Milestones . . .

Birthdays have always been very special in my family – and today is Mom's 78th.


This picture was taken yesterday as I dropped off a gift at a baby shower she was attending - thanks to my friend Carol Pearson for touching it up from 1,000 miles away so I could use it (we should know better than to leave the blinds open).

BaskinDad BaskinMom

I was told many years ago (by Mom, of course) that it is very important to her that she see me on her birthday.  So I just got back from a trip down Memory Lane - when I was little, Mom and Dad used to take me to Baskin-Robbins so I could get a cone with Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream.  I picked up a quart at lunchtime and took it to their place so we could enjoy it together!

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