Friday, July 1, 2016

Something Lighter for the Holiday Weekend . . .

Last weekend was my 20th StampFest Summer (previously known as StampFest Orlando until it moved to Lakeland last year).  There have been 21 of them – so I only missed the first one . . .


And yet I get occasional glimpses of that first show – yes, this is the original StampFest t-shirt.  I have seen two of them over the years, and got a picture when this nice lady wandered into our booth last weekend.

20160624_192041_resized 20160624_200030_resized

Scenes from the Make and Take on Friday evening – the project at our booth involved Gel Press plates, and required enough steps that my presence was necessary.  So I took pictures in-between my cleanup duties.

20160624_203443_resized 20160624_195926_resized
20160624_202150_resized 20160624_203637_resized 20160624_202042(0)_resized

Cindy Chilton says that I will not be putting on the blog that she doesn’t clean up after herself . . .


This special lady in purple is my honorary aunt, Dee Mielke.  She reminds me so much of my favorite aunt that I adopted her years ago.


Living proof that I actually did more than just take pictures . . .

20160625_084814_resized 20160625_115841_resized

The “train” waiting for the show to open on Saturday morning . . . and a line of “pack mules” waiting near our booth.


The highlight of my weekend was an appearance by the patriarch of StampFest – Jim Drabik is Debby and Sandy’s dad.  He and Bill Mielke have been the “sheriffs” at the door for many years, but Jim hasn’t felt well the past couple of years.  It was great to see him.

20160625_142711_resized 20160625_161917_resized

My favorite t-shirt of the weekend – handmade.  And a family shot – Anna, her sister-in-law, mom, and sister.

20160626_162918_resized 20160626_162928_resized

We had canine assistance during teardown – Avery is being trained by Christine Yoder, step one on her way to one day being a guide dog; Daisy is Linda Malcom’s (Lost Coast) therapy dog.


While we’re at it, this is Nala at home before I left, after she decided that she had a better use for the hard shell case that holds my golf clubs when I travel.


After the show, I “visited” my way home.  I grew up with Jack and Beth Stubbs, and spent Sunday evening with them at their home near Orlando.

20160627_125453_resized 20160627_120854_resized

Then I spent Monday on the golf course with Avery and Christine – they were the designated lost ball searchers while I played golf with friends Paul and Suzanne.

20160628_122839_resized 20160628_122854_resized

Tuesday, I got to play golf again – this time near Knoxville, TN with friends from my spring and fall golf trips.  Cypress trees don’t grow in my part of the country and I enjoyed them – Frank says these growths around the trunk are know as “cypress elbows” (or maybe it was “cypress knees”) and people use them for all kinds of creative things.


I’m sure that golfers are a bit puzzled when there is a big box truck parked in the lot near the clubhouse.  But when I’m traveling, it’s also my car . . .

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