Friday, April 15, 2016

Updates on Ellen from Tessler’s . . .

An e-mail I received today reminded me that while I have been posting updates on the progress Ellen from Tessler’s on our Facebook page, I haven’t said anything on the blog.  And I should have done that – especially since the news gets better each time – my apologies.  So here are the three updates I have posted since I first informed you about Ellen’s ordeal in February . . .

From March 11 . . . Update on Ellen from Tessler's... I talked with her sister Cristina today... Ellen is doing well and working on rehab... and get this, insurance TODAY approved surgery to attach synthetic bone to replace portion of her skull removed to release pressure from the aneurysm (2 1/2 months later).

From April 1 . . . Another Ellen from Tessler's Update . . . Cristina told me today that Ellen had surgery a couple of weeks ago to replace the missing portion of her skull (after three months!) with artificial bone, and the staples from the surgery were removed yesterday. Ellen says she feels so much better and for the first time since her aneurysm she is not having daily headaches. Keep those prayers coming -- we want Ellen back on the show circuit with us as soon as possible!

From April 4 . . . As I started the truck to leave the Allentown Fairgrounds after teardown yesterday, Cristina Tessler climbed up on the step and leaned in the passenger window. She had a message from her sister Ellen that she wanted me to share with all of you who have been in her corner these past three months, and she asks that you do the same.

Here is Ellen's message...

I wish I could send a card to each of you. Your cards and prayers have meant so much. I am getting better, and I will be back on the road to see you at shows next year!


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