Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Yes, We Do Things with Mom in Arizona, Too . . .

Most of my Arizona posts have to do with our hiking exploits – or mishaps, as it was last weekend.  But we do keep Mom occupied while we’re visiting.  Friday evening, the four of us went to the Gaslight Theater (simply required on a visit to Tucson) – but with the time crunch after getting Dad out of Urgent Care, we didn’t think to take a picture this year.  I also took over the kitchen a couple of evenings, but my pics of Mom and Dad sampling my cooking didn’t turn out nearly as well as my food did.

And we spent last evening going through a slide show of all of the pictures Blake and I took on the trail, so we could share the experience with Mom and spare her the aches and pains.


Mom loves to eat out, so Sunday featured a stop at Mimi’s Cafe for brunch with her boys.


We “hike” with Mom a lot as well – but her trails are usually paved.


And no trip is complete without a stop for some haute cuisine at a place that doesn’t exist in our neck of the woods.

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