Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The View Outside My Window . . .

I got home from the Grapevine, Texas show last night (more on that in a day or two).  Today, I am sitting in my sunroom at home, working on getting all of the new items from CHA on our website -- and there are lots of them.

Most of what I have been working on today and while I was gone are in two categories on our site (some are in both) . . .

For New Items from Ranger, click on this link

For New Items from Tim Holtz, click on this link

Neither of these categories is finished, so check back often to see more!

But it's hard to concentrate on all of this when the view outside changes every few minutes.


A few minutes ago, I looked outside the window and almost couldn't see the house next door.  The wind was whipping the snow sideways.


And then five minutes later, the same view looked like this. Only in Ohio . . .

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  1. Not quite so......this also happens in Nebraska! 😀