Saturday, December 6, 2014

Burning the Midnight Oil . . .

Four or five years ago, on a whim or a hunch we decided to try a Thanksgiving Weekend Sale and were overwhelmed by your response.  So we did it again . . . and again . . . and again . . . and by now I think some of you have gotten the idea that we’re going to do it every year.  So we were pretty sure that it was going to be a busy couple of weeks.  We had no idea . . .

And so it was that my supervisor and I arrived at our store shortly after 6:00 on Friday evening to gather materials needed to fill your orders. It’s hard to stay on task during the work day – something else needs my attention, the phone rings, a customer has a question . . . you get the idea.  In the evening, it’s quiet and uninterrupted – I didn’t even have a ballgame on the radio to distract me.

20141205_201401 20141205_201407

The supervisor checked on me every now and then as I matched items with orders, and boxes started filling so that I could take everything back to the mail center – where today I am going through them again to see which orders are ready to ship and which need an item or two that we need to order.

20141205_204351 20141205_204642

Unlike me, the supervisor occasionally got distracted . . .


Eventually, six boxes and Zoe were ready to leave.  I loaded all of them into my truck and went back to turn out the lights.


And took one last glance at the clock on my way out the door . . .


  1. So deserved!!!!!! You are wonderful and so is your company - we LOVE you guys :)

  2. always worth the wait for a package from Marco's Thanks Greg and Zoe! (we know who is really in charge!)

  3. Thanks for staying up late to take care of those packages which will bring delight to many. Glad to see the supervisor hung in there through it all.