Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Sincerest Apology . . .

Oh, how I messed up . . .


When I posted this picture in my last blog post, I made the following comment – “She said her dad would be less than pleased that she was wearing an Ohio State logo (he’s an Indiana fan).”

Three hours after it posted, I received the following message from Phil Arnold – “OK, Greg. Now you're in real trouble. I'm a PURDUE Alum, not an Indiana fan. My next favorite team is whoever is playing against Indiana. I may have to reconsider golfing with someone who would insult me like that! :-)”

I have committed a sacrilege akin to someone referring to me as a Michigan fan (with all due respect to our friends and customers who follow That Team Up North).  I have already corrected the blog post and offered a personal apology, but can’t change what was already sent to those of you who get the blog post by e-mail.  Therefore, I offer the next best thing – visual aids . . .

Purdue-Boilermakers purdue_boiler_up_flag_64889sma


  1. With all due respect, there is ANOTHER. Drive a little farther north. Go Green Go White!

    1. I know -- my neighbors are both Michigan State grads. We share a common "distaste" for Maize and Blue. (And of course, this is all in jest -- I root for all Big Ten teams except when they're playing Ohio State!)

  2. Thanks, Greg. I don't know if Keia told you, but on "college t-shirt" day she wore a Purdue shirt to the elementary school she works Bloomington, Indiana. I raised her right. She did get lots of comments from the students, though.