Saturday, May 18, 2013

Prayers Needed for Two Generations of Krivitskis . . .

I just spent two hours moving everything important to me (or so it seemed) into my replacement cell phone.  My old one failed – for the second time in two months – but thankfully was just barely in warranty so Verizon replaced it free (again).  I had tried every app and setting – everything except the one thing that a phone should be used for most.  And then it rang . . .

The call was from Joe & Kathy Krivitski from Seaside Stampin’ Ink – but it was really intended for all of you.  The prayers, notes and more that you flooded Kathy with last year while she struggling with her health touched them so much that they called to ask for your prayers again – this time for their daughter and their unborn granddaughter.

danielle danielle1

These happy faces pictured at their recent wedding belong to Joe & Kathy’s daughter Danielle and her husband Chris Abbott.  As if this happiness wasn’t enough, they are also expecting their first child – and just yesterday, Kathy announced via her Facebook page that her first grandchild will be a girl.

But today, everything is different – because Danielle is having health issues that are putting the baby’s life at risk.  They prefer not to discuss the specifics – instead they ask for prayers for Danielle and the baby, and that you will lift them up as you did Kathy.

If you also would like to send notes of encouragement, please e-mail them to and she’ll pass them along.  Thanks!

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  1. The news of a baby is at risk is upsetting and scary. Of course, there will be many prayers said for Danielle and for Chris' and Danielle's unborn daughter.