Friday, April 5, 2013

Unexpected Benefit from the Arizona Trip . . .

When we were walking up the Sabino Canyon tramway 3½ weeks ago, Dad mentioned that he and Mom used to take that walk often, but since her chemo she was reluctant to venture outside their complex.  He was convinced that she would benefit from knowing she could do it, so before we left Blake and I encouraged her to give it a try.


Last night, Dad texted us this picture... they walked the tramway together yesterday -- 7.6 miles roundtrip “in record time” (according to Dad).  Dad said they moved really fast on the way back... Mom said it was like the proverbial “horse returning to the barn!"

And on another note . . .

I was going to do this tomorrow, but since I have been wearing you out with family stuff this week I’ll combine these two pieces.  Saturday is my dad’s 77th birthday, and in about a month we will “celebrate” the 25th anniversary of his retirement.  Very few people get to spend 25 years essentially doing what they want to – and the grandchildren have grown up with a grandpa who was almost always available when he and Mom were in Ohio.


This is a collage that I put together for a Fathers’ Day card last year – seems only fitting to pull it out again. 

Happy Birthday, Dad!


  1. Both of these notes are so awesome and you're Mom's looking great! woohoo!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad, your Parents look Great!