Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dreaming of Spring . . .

I realize that I have no reason to complain – it’s 35 degrees and pouring rain here today, and some of you in the middle of the country just got buried in snow again.  But I’m ready . . .


Apparently, so is Mother Nature – I took this shot in my side yard a week ago.  Today, the daffodils are twice as tall.  But it appears that I’m not the only one in my household who is dreaming of Spring . . .


This was Nala on Sunday afternoon – looking out the window at a backyard that she hasn’t explored yet.  She came to live with us just as the weather turned cold last fall, so she hasn’t been trained to our Invisible Fence yet – that will start in a few weeks.

Unsolicited Plug – our cats do very well on the Invisible Fence.  We got ours specifically for cats 18 years ago so it was there when we finally got a dog.  We were the first cat customers for our local Invisible Fence folks, and the letter of recommendation that I wrote for them is still part of their sales packet.

I’m not gazing out the window – way too dreary here.  Instead, I’m looking at the long range forecast for Tucson, Arizona – the temps there are rising, the forecast looks glorious, and Mom & Dad will see their sons very soon.  My workouts have reached the point where I think I’m prepared for whatever hiking torture my dad can dish out – but he’ll read this, laugh, and plot something even more sinister.  Can’t wait . . .


  1. I think we're all dreaming of spring. Thanks for sharing Nala. Enjoy your trip!

  2. I love your stories about your mom, family and Nala and the other 4-legged sweethearts in the family. I guess I can relate because I have 1 four legged kitty named Banana but she's like having 3 kitties. Anyway, keep those cute stories coming and thanks for sharing! -hc