Monday, October 31, 2011

Family Tradition . . . With a Twist

Many of you already know that the carving of Halloween pumpkins is a tradition in my household.  Ryan says mine always look the same – every year I try to make mine different, but I guess I’m just not that creative with a carving knife in my hand.  When we’re finished, I put the pumpkins, Ryan, and Zoe in the kitchen to take pictures, because that’s the best nighttime lighting in the house.


Ryan thought it would be cute to try to assume Zoe’s pose.  Didn’t quite work.  So he decided to get creative . . .

2011-10-30_20-32-20_311 2011-10-30_20-32-40_342

I got a kick out of Zoe’s “are you nuts?” look in the right photo.  But Ryan wasn’t done . . .


Look closely – you’ll notice that the bottom of Ryan’s pumpkin is now missing.  Yes, that’s where it’s going . . .

2011-10-30_20-39-51_385 2011-10-30_20-40-21_431

I can’t even begin to imagine how that felt (or smelled).  But I have to admit it was fun.  Reminds me a bit of some of my wacky costumes at the Cincinnati convention.


So this is this year’s Family Pumpkin Carving Photo . . .

2011-10-30_20-49-56_460 2011-10-30_20-50-05_538

And then our creations went out on the front rail to display.  Tonight, they’ll be lighted for the Trick or Treaters when they come up our street . . .


  1. Looks like Zoe finally gave up.

  2. lol :) Ryan's reminds me of a Lego Ninjago or Harry Potter minifig w/swords or wands at the ready :) Happy Halloween!