Wednesday, September 7, 2011

“Nice to Have Some New Blood” . . .

That was not my comment – Karen says that’s what she heard from several of the Make It/Take It crowd this morning after they participated in a “project trifecta” designed to introduce the masses to our new instructors Chris Mach, Corinne Jones, and Debbie Cosenza.

DSC02055 DSC02056

Even with all of our floor space, it takes some logistics to do three projects at the same time.  When I arrived, Chris was holding court in the classroom area . . .

DSC02050 DSC02051

Debbie was in the prep area behind the classroom . . .

DSC02053 DSC02054

And Corinne was next door in Marco’s Too!

DSC02079 DSC02080

Normally, the Wednesday morning activities are finished by about 11:00 – which was when Rose Banwart needed Marco’s Too to start setting up for her Artsy Book Club meeting that started at noon.  But today, things were still going strong . . .

DSC02078 DSC02059

So Chris gave up half of her space so Corinne could move her project into the classroom!  At the outer edge of the classroom, folks could take a look at a table full of the new Spellbinders dies.

sept october

Meanwhile, I was taking pictures of Rose’s next two Artsy Book Club projects.  I try to make up sheets for each project to display near the front door, with a description of the project and pictures from several angles to show how the book is made.  That book at left is called a “Doll Book”, and it left me with a dilemma . . .


Can you understand why I might have been just a little uncomfortable taking a picture to show the construction of this book?  I thought so . . .

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  1. There's always something going on at Marco's. I was curious if that was built around an entire doll. (almost typed dog, must have Zoe on the brain). Apparently not, for your sake. lol