Saturday, June 18, 2011

Inspiration from Creative Minds . . .

I never cease to be amazed by the creativity of the demo artists I encounter.  If you have ever been at a show, you’ve seen them – they’re the ones who draw such a crowd that you can’t seem to get close enough to see what they’re doing.  But it’s not just what they’re doing – it’s the presentation.  There is a “showmanship” involved in being a good demo artist that goes far beyond the product.


We have been very fortunate over the years to have some fantastic demo artists in our booth.  These shots of Sue Rothamel and Crystal Copperstone were taken last weekend in Collinsville, Illinois, but they could just have easily been shots of Sue Nelson or Melinda Doster or Jill Haglund or Anna Ely or any of the myriad of talented artists we’ve worked with over the years.  They make shows special – and what they can do with a few odds and ends and a head full of ideas impresses me.

District Market

Which leads me to this – the latest from the creative mind of Tim Holtz.  Tim is another of those people who can take something very simple and make it into something very special.  He does amazing stuff with what essentially started out as found objects.  And now he is moving into the area of stationery and paper goods and tote bags and such with District Market – it’s a whole new line full of seasonal notecards, burlap panels, matchbook notepads, tissue wrap, spiral journals, and totes (!) – all with the look of timeless nostalgia and salvaged findings that Tim is known for!

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Want to see more?  Click on any of the pictures above to see individual items, or click on the District Market logo to see the whole line of 30 products.

Like most new releases, you get a peek now but the actual products won't ship until mid-September.  We have already placed a big advance order so that we'll be ready as soon as they're available.

You can place District Market orders now and we'll fill them in the order received when the goodies arrive.  Here's your incentive -- advance orders get 20% off the MSRP and we'll ship them free!  Just remember that any other items you include with your District Market order won't ship until September, and only the District Market items are 20% off unless otherwise noted.  This offer will be good until the first batch of District Market products arrive.

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