Thursday, April 21, 2011

Akron Photos & Other Soggy Housekeeping Duties . . .

I have been home from the Akron show for several days, but between duties at home, monsoon rains, prep for next week’s Spring Spectacular in the store, and prep for my golf trip next week, I have never posted a few choice images from the weekend.  So here goes . . .


This looks like practically every post from the Cincinnati show last August -- “Where’s Waldo" Kim was the first customer to make it back to our booth on Saturday morning . . .


Colleen McGinty from Faber-Castell was on hand Saturday to demo their new Design Memory Craft line, and Donna Sheetz and Judy Davidson took turns showing customers all sorts of new goodies.

2011-04-17_11-33-33_660 2011-04-17_12-10-32_250

By Sunday morning, all of them had gone home (Palm Sunday, you know) – so Karen bounced back and forth between her cash register and the demo table.  I made two very brief appearances there, but since it’s my camera they were not documented.

2011-04-16_10-16-45_580 2011-04-17_15-11-59_232

Sue Rothamel introduced a new “Girl Friday” to the masses – this is her 18-year-0ld granddaughter Lizzy.  Of the four USAQ “Girl Fridays” I have seen over the past couple of years, after a single show Lizzy easily ranks third (ahead of her grandfather).


I brought the truck to the store on Tuesday to unload it, just as a morning-long downpour was ending.  Couldn’t figure out why all of the fire trucks were blocking the entrance to Dorothy Lane Market across the street – until I got a closer look.  A stream behind the car wash that sits behind our store overflowed its banks, and the flood ran beside our store, across Whipp Road, and into the DLM parking lot.  By the time it reached the store at the bottom of the slope, it had nowhere else to go once the drains reached capacity.  DLM was flooded all the way back to the meat counter.  My pics didn’t do it justice – the waters had subsided somewhat by the time I arrived.  Thanks to Rae Lynn Cummin for this one.

2011-04-21_09-44-10_117 2011-04-21_09-44-19_452

And this poster popped up on the wall in our back room a few weeks ago with pictures of a lot of the “regulars” in our store – it’s hard to miss if you’re headed toward the back door or the restrooms.  For the longest time, I thought it needed an addition.  Finally got around to it just before we left for Akron . . .


  1. Wow, you did get a lot of rain! Glad to see Zoe (did I spell that right?) made the Most Wanted list!

  2. did your store have any damage?

  3. Some of the water came through the roof and in our back door and settled in a storage room. Some damage to products stored there, but insurance will cover it. Considering the amount of water in the area, we got off easy.