Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reading Material for a Snowy Winter Weekend . . .

In at least part of the country (unfortunately, MY part of the country), it is another snowy weekend, and The Weather Channel is already sending out horror stories about another major winter storm for the middle of next week.  And even if you’re a sports fan, the Big Game isn’t until next Sunday.  So allow me to offer some material to peruse at your leisure . . .

LF-001_LR.JPG LF-168_LR.JPG LF-246_LR.JPG LF-249_LR LF-251_LR.JPG
S4-306_LR.JPG S4-307_LR.JPG S4-308_LR.JPG S4-309_LR S4-310_LR
S4-311_LR.JPG S4-312_LR.JPG S4-313_LR.JPG S4-314_LR.JPG S4-315_LR.JPG
S4-316_LR S4-317_LR.JPG S4-318_LR.JPG S4-319_LR.JPG S4-321_LR.JPG
S4-322_LR.JPG S4-323_LR.JPG S4-324_LR.JPG S4-328_LR.JPG S5-026_LR S5-027_LR.JPG
S5-028_LR.JPG S5-029_LR.JPG S5-030_LR.JPG S5-031_LR.JPG S5-032_LR.JPG S5-034_LR.JPG S5-035_LR.JPG
S5-040_LR.JPG S5-041_LR.JPG S5-042_LR.JPG S5-043_LR.JPG S5-044_LR.JPG S5-045_LR.JPG S5-046_LR.JPG
S5-048_LR.JPG S5-049_LR.JPG S5-050_LR.JPG S5-051_HR.JPG S5-052_LR.JPG

There they are – all 45 of the new Spellbinders Embossing Dies that were introduced at CHA in Los Angeles today.  The first 29 of them were released in their traditional “Blog Frenzy” over the past couple of weeks, but the last 16 were just unveiled for the first time this afternoon.  The first of them will start to show up at our place in mid-February, while others won’t arrive until mid-March.  Please keep in mind that those estimates are in “Spellbinders Time” – usually you have to add a few weeks to coincide with your own method of telling time.  But sometimes not . . .

As with most new releases from Spellbinders, the most popular dies will be hard to come by for a long time – unless you preorder them.  Every time we get a fresh shipment from Spellbinders, Patti and Debbie fill the preorders first.  Then if there are any left, we take them to shows or put them out in the store.

So if you like the looks of one (or more), just click on it, and you’ll go straight to our website where you can place your preorder.  Or you can click here to go to a whole section devoted to just the new dies.

Hopefully, by next week I’ll get the new Tim Holtz offerings on our site for preorders as well.  Of course, there is the matter of loading the truck so we can head to Georgia next weekend – and Florida the weekend after.  Let’s see – new dies or warm skies?  New dies or warm skies?  Stay tuned . . .

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